Top 10 things to know about the Avaya IP Office Release 9.1

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When Digitcom first started with the IP Office in 2005 the product supported a maximum configuration of 360 extensions and 32 sites maximum. With the latest release the IP Office can now scale to 2,500 endpoints across 150 sites, a remarkable upgrade from R9 which still supported a maximum of 32 sites. Although Avaya calls the IP Office a mid-market product, in Canada 2,500 endpoints and 150 sites is probably large enough to service 99.9% of all Canadian corporations. That means that as far as Canada is concerned, the IP Office is now a full enterprise product, not only in terms of features, but in redundancy and scalability as well. Here are the top 10 things you should know about Avaya IP Office Release 9.1.

1. Security

  • For the User:
    • remote phones, softphones now support SRTP – finally a secure solution for law offices, chartered accountants, insurance companies
    • more secure user passwords
    • CA certificates supported
  • For the Administrator:
    • new password enforcement, password minimum lengths customizable
  • For the IP Office:
    • interfaces can enforce SSL
    • interfaces now automatically alarm on intrusion detection, attempts to connect with invalid credentials, or against extensions that don’t exist
    • attempts against non-existent extensions results in an alarm and lockout
    • brute force detection and prevention

2. Authorization codes

  • Assignable to individual users
  • Appears in SMDR records for cost accounting programs

3. MWI and full mailbox control for other users

4. Huntgroup Fallback enhancements

  • More locations to fallback to (users &shortcodes are acceptable now – not just huntgroups

5. Time Profile as applied to Huntgroup “latch” adjustable from telephony set interface and shortcode

  • Set, clear, and set active until next change makes temporarily over-riding time profiles on huntgroups similar to the override on a programmable thermostat

6. IP Terminal enhancements

  • Granular failover: Decide which sets fail to which IP Office
  • Easy Time Zone Control: Define locational settings, time zones, and assign to certain IP Sets
  • SIP device “auto answer” supported – PAGING to SIP phones that support RFC5373

7. OneX enhancements

  • Conference scheduling widget:
    • set personal conference code, invite participants via email from widget, ensure no conflict with other conferences
    • Administrator ability to customize the conference invitation message
    • On demand start of conference
  • Visibility of 5 huntgroups – queued calls, who’s in the queue, ability to answer, similar to call center product

8. Voicemail Pro enhancements

  • EWS – Exchange Web Service – New engine allows message integration with Exchange or Exchange in the Cloud
  • New IMAP secure interface supports TLS/SSL
  • Selective backup/restore: backup only certain users/huntgroups (only on linux-based VMPro)
  • Beautiful new Web interface allows you to configure many parameters that were previously only available through Voicemail Pro Client

9. NEW PRODUCT: Web Collaboration

  • Launches from client application: OneX, Avaya’s Outlook Client, Flare, Avaya Communicator, direct through browser URL
  • Requires VMPro, and OneX to function
  • Needs a system license: web collaboration; Needs a user-license: Office worker or better
  • Runs in Linux application server, or Server Edition
  • Whiteboard functionality, and share files with other participants
  • Control panel when the conference is launched is similar to WebEx – mute, boot, etc… controls
  • Integrates the audio conference with your personal conference (See OneX enhancements above)

10. Web Manager enhancements

  • New interface gives us an active depiction of ports on the IPO, activity, etc…
  • More functionality for configuring users, huntgroups
  • Web Manager is finally a valid replacement for Manager with regards to 90% of what needs to be done on an IP Office



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