3 Environmentally Friendly Options for the Phone System Hardware You Leave Behind

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In 2017, a report from Toronto’s General Manager of Solid Waste Management Services to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee stated approximately 25% of all material going into blue boxes was non-recyclable. In 2018, they project that number to rise to 27%.

What does this have to do with business phone systems? Well, they’re often recyclable, and the pace of evolving technology seems to rise every year. That means it is critical we know what to do with the hardware we leave behind. Upgrade your technology as you see fit. It’s the backbone of your business. But don’t fill the wake made by the progression of your business with garbage that should’ve been recycled.

It’s not difficult to go the environmental route. The problem is the routes are unpromoted and, despite the first sentence in this article, under-reported to a borderline criminal extent. That’s why Digitcom has put together this article.

Without further ado, below are three environmentally friendly options for the phone system hardware you must inevitably leave behind for the betterment of your business.

3 Viable Routes (as long as your provider won’t take the hardware back):

  1. Resell: There are local and national shops and companies looking for hardware just like yours, willing to pay a pretty decent price for what you would otherwise receive nothing.

  2. Donate: This is, admittedly, one additional way you might get a little kick back for your good deed. If you donate as a business, you can earn business tax write-offs. You won’t get all your money back, obviously, but consider it a little bonus for doing the right thing. (Tip: Goodwill is looking for exactly this)

  3. Recycle: Just like shops and companies looking to buy, there are others looking specifically to recycle tech hardware.

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