3 Ways VoIP is the Most Cost Effective and Energy Conscious Solution

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It’s important not only to receive the best quality telecom service possible, but to make sure you’re doing your part environmentally. Businesses take up a good amount of energy using their resources, and one of the biggest is their phone system.

You may even wonder why businesses still use them – aren’t they antiquated? Possibly, but they remain, at least in the short term, arguably the best way to communicate with staff and clients at various locations. This means we must be conscious of that energy usage.

That does not mean, however, we need to achieve this decades-spanning service the same way. Different telecom solutions have revealed themselves to be more environmentally conscious and energy efficient than others, and a lot of it comes down to physical impact.

What that means is, for now, it’s VoIP. Voice over IP. Presumably, it will only get better as hosted telecom solutions continue to be refined and made more efficient. Check out three reasons below exactly why VoIP is energy conscious and efficient.

3 Reasons VoIP is More Energy and Environmentally Conscious:

  1. Less physical hardware necessary to produce, and therefore to throw out.

  2. Support and setup can be provided remotely, reducing the consumption of gas and lowering the overall bill.

  3. Most VoIP phones today support PoE (Power over Ethernet), which means they can be deployed without having to pay an electrical contractor to run power cables and install AC outlets.

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