4 Reasons Telecom Solution Providers Must Incorporate Smartphones and Apps Into their Business Model

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According to CDN’s 2018 Benchmark Report, embedded below, Android has officially usurped Apple’s position as the primary business smartphone provider.

Smartphones in business used to be seen as a rarity. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon for B2B companies to be slow to getting an app, for example, or making use of possible integration with smartphones in the first place.

This article is here to educate and nudge those apprehensive companies across the digital line.

Look below our 4 main reasons companies should incorporate both smartphones and apps into their business models:

  1. Company Numbers: Employees don’t have to give out their personal numbers, they get an account on which they can be contacted via company app.
  2. Remote Access to Entire Client Database: A salesperson, for example, no longer has to be at their desk for access to the majority of their database. It’s all parked on their phone, at the ready.
  3. Video Chat Capabilities: This may go without saying, but video capabilities have become more and more prevalent in business, espcially with the advent of screensharing. Call this a point for convenience.
  4. Integration: Integration with applications previously only available, again, at a desktop. Log your activity, keep track of notes, do what you want.

Read the whole report below.

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