4 Things About Digitalization Your Boss Wants to Know

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Technology is always changing and improving and simplifying processes and life in general. The insurance industry has maintained a slower pace in terms of change. Recent efforts to integrate technology will completely change how the insurance sector handles business. The on-demand service consumers find in other industries is coming to insurance. Integrating telecommunications into your insurance digitalization strategy enables your business to provide the service customers expect as well as a host of other benefits.

Ease of Integration
Phone systems can easily be integrated with existing insurance platforms, such as Applied, EPIC, Power Broker, Keal and Broker Workstation. This versatility and increased level of compatibility created a dependable infrastructure. Integrating systems allows for improved and reliable communication that leads to more efficient use of time.

Process Improvement
A host of features work together to improve how customer issues are addressed. Features like call queuing and routing, recording, call logging, scripting, prompts, reporting and analytics all contribute to the end goal of improving the customer service experience.

A digitalization strategy improves the experience for brokers, too. An efficient system that quickly addresses customer’s needs minimizes the time a broker spends per client. This allows a broker to help more people during a day and ultimately ensuring more satisfied customers.

Customer Service Improvements
Customers will benefit from a telecommunications system integration. As the system learns customer needs and adapts to shifting communication preferences clients will experience improved service. Questions and issues are quickly resolved, on-boarding and claim processing happens thoroughly and in a timely manner.

This level of improved customer service allows insurance brokers to compete with direct writers. By working smarter brokers can deliver high-quality and effective service in the immediate time frame consumers expect.

Putting a Phone System to Work in Your Digitalization Strategy
Including a phone system as part of your insurance digitalization strategy maximizes resources to efficiently address customer needs. The process improvements set into motion by such a system streamlines an insurance broker’s time, allowing the agent to best serve as many clients as possible while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

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