6 Tips to Improve Clinic Call Handling During Flu Season

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The cold weather is a reminder to all health professionals that flu season is on its way. Health Canada estimates influenza causes more than 12,000 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths in Canada each year.

Seasonal increases in call volumes are experienced by many industries. Before hiring temporary staff, you want to make sure your existing employees are working as efficiently as possible. Our experience has shown that the most effective health clinics anticipate their call volumes and improve service with call center features.

Call Flow
A call flow is how the patients call will be handled. The number of rings and who is the first to answer are decided at this point. Be realistic when making the plan, because bottlenecks can be a real problem. It might be tempting to direct all the calls to the receptionist, but if they get overwhelmed an auto attendant message might be best.

Voicemail to Email and Voicemail to Text
Adding convenience to your services can dramatically lower receptionist stress and patient wait times. Instead of distracting your staff, route your calls to an inbox that you can read and/or listen to.

Gated Voicemail
Keep the doctor’s voicemail clear of clutter by allowing reception to give access to it on a call by call basis.

On Hold Messages
Never miss an opportunity to share important information with patients. For example, messages for when flu-shots are available and be pre-recorded.

Backdoor Numbers
A backdoor number is a number that can go directly to an individual and avoid the typical call flow patients experience. The most common use is for employees to be able to call in times of emergency or to notify if they will be late.

Digitcom has 26 years experience solving health clinics most common call handling issues. If you are interested in improving your patient’s experience while reducing workload with clever solutions then contact us. We will help guide you through the planning, quoting, installation and continued support with 24/7 hour care and escalations for priority work. Call 1-866-667-8357 or send us an email


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