A PRI Failover to Digitcom’s SIP Trunks Saves the Day!

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Digitcom’s PRI failed on December 9th and 15th for most of the day

Every once in awhile it’s good for a company to feel its customers’ pain; to know what they go through when essential products and services don’t operate as expected. That’s why weeks like we had here at Digitcom in early December are crucial reminders that no technology is foolproof, that backup plans are crucial, and that our company, despite being a phone system business, is still prone to phone system, PRI, and other hardware failures just like everyone else.

A few months ago we lost our Voice Mail Pro server, which we have since virtualized, and over the last few weeks our PRI has gone down quite a number of times. Fortunately during those times we automatically initiated our backup plan, a PRI failover to Digitcom’s SIP trunks, which meant that other than some minor DID’s which didn’t fail to the appropriate call scripts, all of our calls both inbound and outbound continued to flow as normal.

Digitcom sells PRI, long distance, toll free from the major carriers, and we run our own fully redundant hosted PBX and SIP trunk network which we have operated since the fall of 2012. We currently process millions of calls per month, and handle many millions of minutes per month.

We all know technology can be finicky, but there’s no need to let those technological hiccups interfere with your business. If you are interested in PRI or SIP trunk failover, need help in developing a communication disaster recovery plan, or want to better understand how we can help you keep your phone lines running at all times (even during a full power outage), give us a call.


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