An Excerpt from Answering Your Call: Contact Centres

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NOTE: The book is officially available, and FREE, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books. We look forward to the readership.

Answering Your Call: How to Buy A Phone System is for anybody thinking of buying either a new phone system for their business, or their first! If you feel any confusion, or apprehension in the face of updating or establishing what is arguably your business’s most powerful tool – the telephone – Answering Your Call should take care of that.

We previewed the book about a month ago, with an excerpt of the Foreword. Now, we’re getting into specifics. This excerpt focuses on contact centres, and their ubiquity in the field of customer service / communication.

Check it out below:


I singled out the subject of contact centers at the beginning of this book because where even before a “call center” mattered heavily to the amount of traffic a company could handle—and therefore to a company’s success as a whole—a “contact” center is in such a different league, its scope so much wider, it could be an entirely different sport.

And you must play this sport.

A contact center is necessary both for a company just starting up and for a pre-established company looking to keep up with today’s increasingly fast, increasingly versatile service landscape.

There is a great opportunity in a contact center. A functional contact center not only makes your business—at minimum—competent, it makes interacting with your business a joy. Developing a diligent, consistent, interesting social media personality, for example, can set a company apart, no matter their field.

“Contact center,” in its previous form “call center,” was nearly synonymous with the term “Automated Call Distribution” (ACD). That aspect remains, but that’s all that it is, an aspect—one of many.

Let’s look at a cloud-based contact center. This kind of contact center is the latest kind available. It’s on the bleeding edge—albeit a crowded bleeding edge, as it becomes more popular and more time passes. This version of the service can, depending on the solutions provider you choose and their plan, create real-time reports, enable service provider integration, prep for system issues, and monitor your network—and that’s not even scratching the surface.

In just over 15 years we’ve moved from archaic-seeming call centers to extremely versatile, informational contact centers that, when infused with AI technology, are only marginally short of actual brains.


Check out our book to look at two case studies, and find out the right way to use your contact centre.

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