Avaya is Like a Veteran Stage Performer. Here’s Why.

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In university, I worked at a comedy club.

Occasionally, an improv act (2-6 people) would take the stage.

I was always more intrigued by the improv act than the polished professional because there were more variables. More players meant more possibilities.

Typically, every group had a new member and a veteran member.

Every group had the same rule:

“Yes, and…”

All that means in an improv environment is, as a performer, you accept a premise (this is the “Yes…”) and run with it by adding your own thoughts (this is the “…and”).

This reminds me of Avaya’s relationship with smaller companies involved in the development of different cloud-based solutions.

It’s the established veteran that knows a premise they can “Yes, and”.

A veteran knows a premise of which they can not only take full advantage, but take to an even greater place.

Avaya’s “Yes, and…” moment has come in the form of a one of a kind hosted solution:

Avaya Powered By.

Jeff Wiener spoke a little about this in his article two weeks ago: Avaya, the Transformation of a Telecom Giant and the Digitcom Mouse That Followed Along.

Avaya makes its own hosted pbx solution and its own phones.

The latter factor is Avaya taking the “premise” and making it even greater.

Powered By is the point at which opportunity meets preparation.

Where does this leave competitors?

Avaya Is A Telecom Veteran Stage Performer

It’s one thing to see a veteran performer.

It’s another to learn from them.

What can Avaya’s competitors learn from Avaya? What can they glean from the success of Powered By?

Two things.

1. What a winning solution looks like, and 2. How to properly trial and error in developing their own unique solution.

Easier said than done.

A map up the mountain doesn’t make climbing the mountain any less tiring.

The other difficulty for competitors?

If they have Avaya’s Powered By map, one can safely assume Avaya is either far, far ahead in perfecting Powered By, or they’re planning what comes next.

Competitors must look within themselves and find a hidden-in-plain-sight advantage like the one Avaya found.

They must find their “phones and hosted pbx”.

If they don’t, they will have a very tough time breaking new ground that matters.

What is best for Avaya in the near future?

The front of the pack makes for a vulnerable position.

On the one hand, there is the chance to make a great discovery. On the other hand, one runs the risk of becoming the industry guinea pig.

One false step and a company name becomes synonymous with what not to do.

Avaya must decide which matters most to them: First, or best.

The company has only just returned to its previous enviable position at the top. It may be worth seeing how far they can “Yes, and…” their Powered By idea until another company presents a valuable idea Avaya can take and make their own.


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