Digitcom Awarded Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence

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Partners who achieve exceptional customer satisfaction scores are awarded the designation of “Partner in Customer Excellence”. Avaya recognizes and rewards partners who invest time and effort to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

At Digitcom we have always been committed to providing exceptional customer service. It has been one of the main corners stones of the way we do business since our inception back in 1991. Being recognized for something we consider second nature is rewarding but most importantly shows that we continue to deliver on our promises to our customers.

  1. Customer Service: All our employees are empowered to deliver an outstanding experience every step of the way.
  2. Innovative Solutions: We are committed to offering the best, most reliable products in the market and together with our expertise we provide you with the most clever and cost effective solutions.
  3. Service & Support: Our on-going service and support helps to assure continued success, including monthly Digitcom system training seminars, a 24 hour hotline with a 2-hour turn-around time for any major emergency, on-line ticketing support and on-line videos tutorials.

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