The Future of Contact Centre Service: The Ability of AI

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Avaya has purchased Spoken Communications, effectively growing themselves from “heavy weight” to “giant” in the already competitive Canadian telecom industry.

The Purchase, and What It Means

This purchase matters to any business, big or small, using contact centres, because it’s emblematic of a move to a much more involved, wider reaching system: artificial intelligence-driven, and Cloud-based. This, Spoken Communications’ method of contact centre service, contains more capabilities thanks to AI taking the bulk of the responsibility.

It’s an update of the system, one that’s long been necessary. Representatives can now be contacted directly not only by phone but via social media, such as on Facebook and Twitter, which customers with product issues have already been trying to do for some time. Reps can also be reached via a company-tailored live chat.

How Does This Benefit A Business?

There are plenty of massive advantages for businesses of any kind. For bigger companies that receive a lot of traffic, this Contact Centre Service method is adept at handling many customer issues at once, and doing so professionally. In terms of smaller businesses, Spoken’s style of system would give them time to focus on other, more pressing issues.

Above all, the most notable of these benefits are the real-time communication and automated, intelligent decision making.

Consider this: If over the course of a call a customer becomes angry and says something explicit, such as “Screw you!”, Spoken’s system picks it (and other words like it) up, reports it to the person responsible for handling the situation, and records it.

“The most notable benefits of this service are its real-time communication and automated, intelligent decision making.”

It seems clear a new Contact Centre Service system should benefit a business’s customer service department the most, but what’s not clear is the way it does.

Consider another case: Typically, if a customer calls in to a company, unless they’re looking to go into business, they’ve got a problem with their service. What makes calling worse is having to deal with an incredibly limited system. That would not be the situation here.

The surprise of such an able technology automatically turns the customer experience into a positive one; it’s an interesting enough experience it could be something someone might tell their friends.

Lastly, such quality experience, one with so many different options available to the customer depending on their preferred method of correspondence, will most likely leave them so satisfied you will receive repeat business.

This, along with obvious, more common advantages such as ease of access and better organized systems (on-premise becomes hosted) means Avaya is now a juggernaut not only of the product service it provides, but the customer service. It’s forward thinking tech that retains the personal touch people like so much about a more traditional method.

“That Spoken, an advocate of providing service to small and mid-sized companies, is the latest valuable commodity to a major telecom product provider, may mean the change will now come swiftly.”

Mohamad Afshar, Spoken’s President and CEO, had a few words to say about this very subject: “Avaya and Spoken can deliver a compelling Cloud-native CCaaS portfolio for Avaya customers that offers every customer, from small and mid-market businesses to global enterprises, a seamless path to a modern cloud-based contact center.”

Something to Think About

The purchase made national headlines, where it transcended standard telecom business news. The implication is if other companies haven’t already adopted a similar system to Spoken’s, they soon will, and should.

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