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Before Digitcom, I worked at an Arts & Culture media outlet.

Currently, I live around where the Toronto International Film Festival is set up.

So of course this past week I ran into my old boss.

We spoke about how the outlet was doing, some stories. The usual.

When we parted ways I couldn’t stop thinking about the hardest part of that job.

I wrote articles about events that had often occurred only minutes earlier.

I had to make dry news compelling.

I had to fact check.

None of these were the hardest part. Can you guess what was?

Communication, and not with clients.

It was maintaining consistent, quality contact with my colleagues.

It doesn’t suffice to say it was a game of broken telephone. It was like we were living pre-Alexander Graham Bell.

Okay, not really. But communication was slow, like horse-drawn carriage, Alexander Graham Bell-era slow.

And we really could’ve used what Avaya now offers: Spaces.

Avaya Spaces, and Convenience

Avaya Spaces is what it sounds like in the best way.

Spaces provides a digital room for any kind of work collaboration you want, thanks to its plethora of features.

You may chat privately, or in a group, message via text back and forth or video chat, screen-share, file-share, and manage tasks more efficiently.

The best part of this is arguably how easy it is to set up the “room” itself. Via Avaya Equinox, you and your colleague(s) are only one click away from enjoying all of the aforementioned capabilities.

Previously, it was an effort to bring together all of the different resources smoothly; there was e-mail, a video call service, a text service – now it’s all in one place.

Experts Discuss Avaya Spaces

Two weeks ago, two experts (Digitcom’s Jeff Wiener and Ejaye McComb) explored Avaya Powered By in its entirety.

In the first video, Jeff and Ejaye discussed Avaya Equinox.

This week, Spaces.

With a name as simple as “Spaces”, Avaya is being modest.

It’s true this is a meeting space, but it’s much more than that in the details.

The name doesn’t do justice to the pure convenience of the tool.

Avaya has frequently been at the top of its game with each of its individual tools, but to bring together everything into one space (pun intended), yields a result of far greater worth than such a simple change should.

In its own way, that simple realisation is a testament to the quality of Avaya in the first place – that the only thing missing was something as small as greater convenience.

Watch above for more information, or read below for the cliffs’ notes on the tool.

Benefits At a Glance:

  • Instant Messaging (one to one, and one to many)

  • File sharing between Spaces users

  • Screen sharing between Spaces users

  • Task management via the dashboard, for superior organisation

  • Calling capabilties, making client and coworker contact more efficient

  • Free cloud-based account to get you started off with the service

Lastly, interested in learning about Avaya Powered By? RSVP here to Digitcom-Avaya’s Seminar, September 20th!


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