Avoid these pitfalls of renovating or moving office

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We’ve helped a lot of companies to relocate to new office space or settle in after a major renovation, and we’ve seen it all. Check out this quick list of common pitfalls and learn how you can avoid them.

1. New site isn’t ready for the move or renovation.

  • Plan well in advance and stay on top of deadlines.
  • If possible, keep an overlap period with your existing location if your new location is a new build or substantial renovation.
  • Ensure that carrier lines are installed in the phone room, well in advance of your move-in date.
  • Have your technology partners check the site out ahead of time to be sure that it’s suitable for your systems.

2. Carrier isn’t ready on time.

  • Carriers need lots of notice!
  • Be sure to inquire about moving circuits, porting phone numbers, etc., well in advance.

3. The Phone system isn’t set-up correctly after the move.

  • List the mission-critical components of your phone system and have your phone system partner test, along with their typical test plan.
  • List any changes to your technology that are happening at the same time as the move and share this change list with all technology partners.

4. Overages in the time allotted for technical partners to conduct your move.

  • Make sure each technology partner is in charge of their own core components to ensure that they arrive on time.
  • Schedule different technology partners to take care of their various tasks separately if possible so that they aren’t struggling in the same space.

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