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The Godfather. A classic.

Some believe it’s the best movie of all time. Some (correctly) don’t.

It is true that, typically, sequels are much worse than the original. That first impression is key. Do you like what you saw? Do you want to see more?

A long time ago, but no so long that I’m no longer jaded, I worked as a test audience volunteer.v

One of the best parts of the job was the bit of interaction we had with the filmmakers. If it was a tiny film showing, sometimes the director or an actor would come.

In other cases, all we got was a questionnaire. Even this was great. To have some sort of impact on the final film – especially if it’s one you cared about – fed both my thinly veiled Napoleonic complex and my interest in film and the film community. In fact, it felt like I was working to get more out of film for myself.

The reason I bring this all up is because we held another webinar yesterday (you can see the video below).

It was a great success, as another (in)famous cinematic figure might have said.

We added a poll option. We made it so you attendees weren’t exactly the test audience, but they did have a greater say in what happens with our webinars.

We were very pleasantly surprised to find over half of those who attended the webinar chose to fill and submit a finished poll. We want to see more of that. And we will.


Bringing up The Godfather was no accident. I did this because although the first impression is key, the second part is where it all happens. The Godfather: Part II is king.

This is the case for the second part of our Troubleshoot Like a Pro Webinar.

Be a part of cinematic (okay, telephony) history. Watch part 1 below, and lookout for an invite to part 2 in your e-mail.

Look below for the video recording of yesterday’s webinar on troubleshooting like a pro, part 1!



Interested in our webinars? RSVP HERE to the latest DIGITCOM EVENTS



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