Business Mobility: Five Reasons Why Mobility is the Way of the Future

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You’ve seen it: smartphones are the way of the future. No matter where you go, it seems that everyone has a smartphone. Thanks to advances in technology, the world is connected on an unprecedented level. The workforce is no exception.

If you don’t believe that’s the case, take a look at some of the statistics. From 2010 to 2015, employees used the Internet on their laptops about the same amount, whereas phone usage increased by around 600%. Smartphone ownership overall has grown from about 30% in 2011 to 80%. 37% of workers telecommute on a frequent basis, and close to 70% of business-related emails are accessed using a smartphone device.

The entire world is becoming more connected thanks to smartphones, and your business is going to need to keep up. Here are 5 reasons why mobility is so important:

1. You’re accessible. It used to be that when you left the office, you’d need to leave a message with your secretary (or just let the call go to voicemail). Nowadays, smartphones offer you the opportunity to be accessible 24/7. You can be in the office, at home, eating lunch at a restaurant, or sipping coffee down at the local coffee shop – whatever the case, you’re expected to be accessible at all times, and smartphones allow you to do just that.

2. Full-featured mobile convergence. Full-featured mobile convergence is the ability to converge multiple devices into one. Before full-featured mobile convergence was invented, it used to be that you would forward your calls from your business phone to your cellular phone. This worked, but unfortunately you lost the call handling features your business phone provided. Nowadays this is a non-issue thanks to mobility apps that support features like status indication, the ability to log calls and look up directories, display your availability status and more.

3. Improved accountability. It used to be that when employees took calls to their personal devices, accountability took a nosedive, because these calls were impossible to track. Important metrics such as call volume and length couldn’t be watched, meaning the reports were never quite as accurate as they could be. Nowadays that problem has been solved as mobile apps allow you to identify the call as a business call, and in doing so, track the important figures.

4. Your privacy is improved. Nowadays the line between work and personal life is becoming blurred. Just this year, for example, France implemented a new law requiring certain businesses (those with 50 employees or more) to implement after-hour email rules to help regulate the amount of time people spend doing work-related activities while off the clock.

And while the line between work and personal life might be getting blurry, steps are being taken to re-sharpen it. Apps are available to handle your business calling separately from your personal calling, meaning you don’t need to publicly announce your personal phone number to the world while using it for business expenses. You simply advertise the phone number for the app, take calls through it, and when you’re done for the day, simply turn off the application, effectively meaning your work life and personal life remain separate.

5. Call transition. Let’s say you take a business call at 4:00pm but you have to leave the office at 4:15. Formerly, you would need to discontinue the call at 4:15 and then call the customer back later, which created two problems: one, it disrupted the conversation you were having with your customer, and two, you were then giving your customer your personal phone number due to caller ID. With the advances in call transition support, this is no longer an issue. You’re able to transfer the call from your business phone to your mobile phone without the customer being any the wiser, and then when you get home, you’re able to transfer the call to your home phone. These seamless transitions ensure that your call is uninterrupted, and you’re doing it under the banner of one constant phone number – your business phone number.

In the last seven years, mobile devices have exploded in popularity and there’s little evidence to suggest that this trend is going to abate anytime soon. A more integrated world demands greater technological integration of your business, which means embracing the ability to engage your customers in a professional and seamless manner anywhere, anytime.

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