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Video Security Solutions


Digitcom’s partners indoor and outdoor cameras provide over 50% more detail than full 1080p HD video. With built-in infrared IR illuminators for enhanced night vision cameras are capable of providing high resolution video quality at any time. Cameras automatically adjust to capture HD video resolution footage with real-time playback.

Secure, Remote Access to Footage

When motion or tampering is detected, receive push notifications to remotely access live video feeds from your mobile device, browser, or using our vendors mobile apps. Centralized management platforms provide administrators with remote viewing capabilities as well as secure footage sharing options.

Bandwidth-Friendly Cameras

With our partners hybrid cloud approach, cameras have a slim bandwidth footprint of 5-20 kbps, minimizing bandwidth consumption by intelligently analyzing footage for insights while avoiding continuous video upload to the cloud. This also makes for a perfect solution for remote deployments, as cameras can operate off of a single cellular modem without consuming large amounts of data.

Continuous Local Recording & Cloud Storage

Video recordings are securely stored on cameras for up to 120 days and are always accessible in the cloud. Once a camera detects tampering, it immediately begins a cloud backup and uploads HD footage of all stored footage. Even in the unlikely case that someone gets their hands on a camera, all data is fully encrypted and cannot be viewed or exported.

  • Integrated analytics and anomaly detection in real-time

  • People presence, smart map, tracking, notifications, and alarms

  • Search by similarity, events, objects, and images across your entire deployment

  • Secure by default with always-on encryption for recordings and media transport

  • Hardware designed from the ground up for best-in-class security

  • Detailed audit trails of all operator and admin actions

  • Focused and simple user interface

  • Effortless physical installation and configuration

  • Simple portfolio licensing model with a broad coverage of scenarios

  • Hybrid cloud modern architecture for every deployment type

  • Value-added cloud services for software upgrades, remote access and more

  • Next-gen hybrid cloud architecture for increased resilience and scale

Why Should Digitcom Handle Your Next Project?

For over 25 years Canadian businesses have trusted Digitcom with their telephony and audio-visual needs. We’ve received several Consumer Choice and Customer Support awards that affirm our core focus. We stand behind our products and installation with our team of field technicians and remote support technicians.

  • With locations in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver we have a national range
  • Before your new system goes ‘live’ you’ll receive training sessions
  • A 2-hour response turnaround time for any major system failure
  • Even with minor adjustments we’re committed to solving the problem within 24 hours
  • Flexible pricing and technology options
  • Our sales engineers hold multiple certifications to deliver projects on-time and within budget

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