Chatbots: The Newest Tool for Customer Service

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Last week I attended a panel discussion on Enhancing The Customer Experience Using New Technologies. It was about Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Virtual Reality at the Twitter head office in Toronto. The panel consisted of marketing and business development professionals from Twitter, Lowes, 88 Agency and RBC.

I can’t help but be amazed by the steep costs businesses pay to run a modern-day call center. Industry experts peg the 265 billion customer requests at 1.6 trillion dollars annually. On a per call basis, that can cost as much as 250 dollars and 38 hours with a customer service agent. This can be a crushing expense for a small business.

But I was also pleased to learn that this is changing. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots might soon make the system obsolete. Already Autodesk, which is powered by IBM’s Watson, is reducing these costs by up to 30% with Chatbots. It turns out that Chatbots can cut per call costs down to $1 and reduce resolution times to 5 minutes. Autodesk is already handling 40 requests with a single Bot.

The Bots do have limitations. They can’t handle difficult issues, and they don’t do very well on the phone. In the changing landscape of customer service, this shouldn’t be an issue. Increasingly customers, and especially millennials are choosing to text chat. This is ideal when all the customer needs is a login reset, payment, address change, or has a general question. This also frees up agents to better serve customers where they are most needed, serving the reputation of the business.

I was expecting that it would be interesting but prohibitively expensive for small companies to implement. Much to my surprise, it was practical and built with a focus on results.

Even though the breadth of the discussion was pretty wide, I see great potential for Digitcom and our customers with the use of Chatbots, especially with their ability to answer the most common customer questions.

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