Checklist: Critical considerations when moving office

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Moving or renovating an office can be a stressful event with a lot of moving parts. Get out ahead of the planning process with this quick checklist for a phone system.

60 days before:

  • Is the new facility’s wiring ready for your phone system?
  • Will you be able to get lines installed by your carrier on time?
  • Will you be able to bring your existing phone numbers over to the new location?
  • Is your phone system right-sized for the new location?

30-45 days before:

  • Order any hardware required to expand or change the phone system.
  • Communicate your move to your customers and vendors.
  • Update your auto attendant or on-hold music to explain where you are moving and when for customers.
  • Ensure that you have chosen a partner to move your phone system.

7 days before:

  • Ensure that your carrier has been to the site and the required circuits are installed and ready to be switched over.
  • Consider checking for other business-critical services as well such as internet, security, etc.
  • Ensure that your interconnect has been to the site and is confident with the facilities for system installation.

At the last minute:

  • Phone system and voicemail system are backed up before the system is unplugged.
  • System is moved to the new location at the predetermined time, and connected.
  • Extensions are mapped, lines are connected, and testing of critical functions is completed.

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