Creating a new user and extension from scratch in Avaya IP Office

Description: Discusses necessary settings for new user creation.

Step by Step Guide

To create a new user in Avaya IP Office:

1. First open manager, Click on Start -> All programs -> IP Office -> Manager.

2. When manager initially opens, it looks around the network for various IP offices. Select the one you want to make change to, click the “Ok” button. Copy and paste the “Administrator”, because the “Administrator” is the password as well. Click “Ok”.

3. On the left hand side of manager, you’ll notice a number of items, click on “User”. You’ll see a list of users appear. To create a new user, first determine the new user’s extension number. Do this by ordering your users and find an extension number that is missing from the sequence.

4. Right click the user pane, and click on “New”

5. Give the new user a name, the name field denote the CTI user name. This is used by one X, TAPI , phone manager, soft phone and the alike. The full name field denotes the person’s name that will be called. The extension number denotes of course the extension number. This case we are going to populate 202.

6. Under the voicemail tab, you’ll notice the voicemail is on. If you don’t want the user to have voicemail, turn it off. Populate the user’s voicemail to email address if you think they are going to use that feature. Select the voicemail to email mode: “off”, “Copy”, “Forward” or “Alert”.

7. In the “Telephony” tab of user, under “Supervisor Settings”, put in the login code “1234”.

8. Configure any other settings that you can think of offhand. Under “Call Settings”, for example, call waiting should be turn on.

9.  Once this is completed, click on the save icon in the toolbar. The selection is automatically merged, and copy and paste the username “Administrator” into the password field and click “Ok”. You’ve now created a new user. You can go and log that user in, using: *# and user’s extension number, in our case, *#202.

If you need help Creating a new user and extension from scratch in Avaya IP Office, please let us know.