Did Our 2018 Predictions Become a Reality?

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Honestly? Yes – because our predictions left us generous room.

One of Digitcom’s own weighs in on last January below. Oh how innocent we all were…

Prediction 1: Moving to the Cloud

Yassine: I have only worked Tech Support for just over 12 months, and it is interesting to note that in those 12 months, I think I witnessed a huge paradigm shift in the Telecom Industry that usually only comes every 10 – 20 years. More and more customers are starting to have a “Hands Free”/”Worry free” mentality that pushes them to opt in for managed services/Cloud services. I have noticed that in just the last 6 months, there has been an exponential increase in Cloud Support tickets in general.

Prediction 2: Growing Mobility Options

Yassine: If there was one thing I learned from Day 1, it was that businesses are very dependent on flexibility and being able to communicate on the go. Unlike Cloud services, i wouldn’t necessarily label this as a new trend. Mobility has been a huge need from the early 90’s, What I will say is that I have noticed a huge increase in variety. Avaya itself has 4 different ways Remote workers can leverage their phone system.(Equinox, Communicator, IP Phones, OneX). Our hosted platform Centile not only supports a number of third party applications, but also, as of this year, has rolled out its on proprietary app for both iPhone and Android called Mobiis. The number of Remote Worker requests definitely continues to rise significantly and with that a Huge increase of Third Party applications are coming out on a weekly basis.

Prediction 3: Engaging the End User

Yassine: From a Technical Installation Standpoint, I have noticed a Huge increase in creative ways Avaya and other phone systems are engaging end users. Features like Avaya Equniox, or Mobiis on the Centile Platform have been new add-ons that have been growing in want. From when I fist started here a year ago to now, I have noticed a huge trend in customers wanting more out of their phone systems.

Thanks for your insight, Yassine! We’ll see what 2019 brings to the table.

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