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Last week, Jeff Wiener and Senior Service Technician Ejaye McComb were able to sit down and have a chat about what makes Avaya Equinox such a great user experience and catch-all collaboration tool.

We’re pleased to share with you the result! More videos will come in the following weeks.

In addition, read the article below, initially published two weeks ago, for a more detailed take on Equinox from Jeff!

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It goes without saying that growing a business is a challenging task, and every business is measured by two separate but connected measuring sticks.

Measuring stick one is revenue.

Measuring stick two is profit.

The presumption is that as the revenue measuring stick grows so does the profit, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Just as the president of an organization is constantly preoccupied with how to maintain an upward trajectory in both, the president also needs to be most aware of the threat that is always present, the type of threat that can potentially wipe out the company like a tsunami in two to five years.

The threat is the ever-changing technology landscape.

Realize that the taxi industry was decimated in under five years by Uber. Bookstores and retail shopping have been badly damaged by Amazon.

Every single business needs to be aware of what changes lie ahead. They all need to be constantly thinking of how to stay relevant.

The notion of relevance is one that is at the top of mind for Digitcom. The cloud and hosted PBX market have changed the landscape of the telecom industry, and as I yearn for the simpler life of the earlier days of telecom, those days are long over.

So how does a telecom company, a manufacturer like Avaya that depends on the traditional phone for their revenue, compete and stay relevant?

How does Avaya increase both measuring sticks, revenue and profit?

The answer to both questions is the same. Avaya increases both measuring sticks by constantly reinventing the company and the products.

Avaya needs to change from being a manufacturer that is top-of-mind for all things phone and needs to morph into a company that is top-of-mind for all things communication.

Last week I wrote an article titled Avaya, the Transformation of a Telecom Giant and the Digitcom Mouse That Followed Along.

In that article, I talked about the new Avaya and briefly mentioned some of their new products, one of which is Equinox. Here is what I wrote:

“And while all of Avaya’s cloud competitors fight for “almost like” small business functionality and can’t offer it, Avaya can. Combine that with their new Equinox telephony client, Zang collaboration tools, new phone lineup, and—best of all—new reinvigorated senior management, and we have the latest telecom giant.”

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will discuss some of the newer Avaya products, how they’re making Avaya more relevant, and how these products are helping to transform the company. In particular, one of the products I am most impressed with is Avaya Equinox.

Equinox is one of the tools Avaya is using to transform from a phone vendor to a communications provider

Equinox is one of Avaya’s answers to relevancy.

Equinox isn’t just a phone communication tool.

Equinox is a tool that enables voice, HD video, video content sharing, and messaging and web collaboration. It allows event streaming across the desktop, mobile client, or room-based system, and it follows the user across all platforms.

Best of all, Equinox offers a mobile client, at the heart of which is a tool called Top-of-Mind.

Although it isn’t necessary to use the Top-of-Mind app when using Equinox, the tool definitely changes the way you work and view all communication. It displays your contacts, calendar appointments, messages, calls, and collaboration all in one screen.

Equinox, One of Avaya’s Answers to Relevancy and the Future of Communications

The point of the Top-of-Mind app is to make Avaya, well, Top-of-Mind.

Once you start using Equinox, and Top-of-Mind, you begin to recognize a new simplicity in the way you connect to your events. To the way you connect to your day.

If you combine Top-of-Mind with the collaboration tools built into Equinox, like the softphone client for example, it’s now possible to communicate with many of your web applications without having to download a specific product plugin for each.


Equinox embeds communications capabilities into your browser. You can access your contacts, messaging, conferencing, and collaboration capabilities directly from the web-based applications, such as Salesforce.com or Microsoft Office 365. Separate communications apps are no longer needed to connect via voice, instant messaging, or video.

Equinox is one very large, and much-needed step forward for Avaya to become a forward-thinking company that transcends voice communication and extends to all things workplace. In order to grow revenues, and definitely profits, Avaya will need to morph from a voice company to a communication and collaboration vendor.

Equinox enables both.


Jeff Wiener, Experience Clever Telecom.

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