Digitcom Named to Profit 500 List of Fastest Growing Canadian Companies

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For the Canadian economy to continue to stave off the lingering effects of the global economic crisis this stalwart nation needs its home-grown businesses to not only grow, but to thrive, urging the country forward towards continued prosperity and progress. As Profit Guide writer Deborah Aarts notes, “For all the boasting about our flashy national success stories, for all the hype bestowed on hip new start-ups, for all the political lip service given to stable mom-and-pops, the real drivers of our economy are the legions of often unassuming businesses working to gain more clients, to penetrate new markets, and to sell better mousetraps.” Digitcom is one of those companies.

Evidence of its unwavering commitment to customer service and cutting edge communications solutions, Digitcom, a leading Canadian business phone systems and data networks distributor, has been named to the Profit 500 list of fastest growing Canadian companies, a distinguished honour for the firm following the recent introduction of several cutting edge communications products.

With the telecommunications market rapidly transitioning to the cloud, Digitcom has been actively promoting its new hosted PBX, SIP trunks, and its unique hybrid hosted solution, which allows companies to connect their premised-based PBX to the cloud, offering customers desk-to-desk dial between the two solutions, truly advanced solutions that are clearly meeting a vital need among the company’s rapidly expanding client base.

But while staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative cloud-based services is undoubtedly a significant factor in the company’s rapid growth of late, as Digitcom President Jeff Wiener explained in a recent interview, its more about the firm finally reaping the benefits of the core goals originally sown at Digitcom’s inception over 20 years ago.

“While such an honour stands as a key milestone in the continued growth of our business and serves as a distinguished tribute to the tireless efforts of our entire team,” Wiener said, “more importantly it serves as evidence of our continuing twofold mission: pursuing the unparalleled satisfaction of our customers and the unsurpassed quality of our product line.”

It is this commitment to exceeding market standards with both its products and services, Wiener went on to say, that has allowed Digitcom to strike a chord with the Canadian business market, evidenced not only by the inclusion on the Profit 500 list of fastest growing Canadian companies, but by the company’s continued inclusion on the list of Canada’s Top IT Solutions Providers as well.

Not one to rest on his laurels, however, Wiener was quick to point out that the challenge for his firm is no longer to make the list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, a great honour in itself, but to stay there. “The unique challenge of the Canadian telecom market is that it changes so rapidly,” he explained, meaning that “although we may have filled a market niche with our competitive cloud-based products and services this year, if we fail to continue to innovate, if we get too far ahead of ourselves, or if we simply revel in our recent accolades, we’ll be obsolete before next year’s list is released.”

Indeed that seems to be a similar sentiment shared by everyone named to the prestigious Profit 500 list, the recognition that ongoing success comes not by simply releasing the right product at the right time, but by challenging the status quo, taking risks, and by continually pushing the boundaries of how things are “usually done.”

While Digitcom and many others on the Profit 500 list may not be the flashiest companies in the market, as Aarts writes, “They create jobs during an era of downsizing; they secure international sales as national trade deficits grow; they bring cutting-edge technology to market as wonks and politicians fret about Canada’s “innovation gap.” These firms don’t often make the news, but you’d notice if they weren’t around.”


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