Digitcom Spreads Holiday Cheer to Not for Profits in Need

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For many December is a month of giving, of feasts, of gifts, and of family, but for me the holidays also serve as a time of reflection, looking back on the year that was, remembering all that I have been blessed with and recognizing that others may not be as blessed. This process is far from a solitary endeavour, however, its one that encompasses every facet of my life, incorporating not only myself, but my family and my business as well. So for me the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity for Digitcomto give back to the community, to recognize the good tidings this company has been blessed with and return some of that cheer to those around us.

Many of you may not know that throughout the year Digitcom, like many business phone system vendors, occasionally receives phone system hardware from our clients who ask if we have any use for their equipment. While some companies resell these systems I have long asked myself if such equipment could be put to better use, and truly the only thing that made sense was to donate the hardware back to the community, recognizing others who give so much to help those in need and make our world a better place.

To that end, Digitcom is looking to donate three (3) complete phone systems to not-for-profit organizations that are either starting-up or opening a new branch, ones who are in need of business phone system solutions and could truly benefit from the telecommunications hardware we have available. There are no strings attached here, Digitcom will pack the phone system and phones and make them available for pick-up from ourTorontowarehouse dock.

So if you are reading this newsletter or perusing this post and know of a not-for-profit organization that could benefit from a free phone system, please fill out the form to the right with your details. We need to hear from you by December 18th, as we are hoping to advise the three charities selected on December 20th.

Alas, while we would like to help every NPO we can, we have only three (3) systems to offer and therefore should our applications exceed our supply, Digitcom will endeavour to choose the three charities with the greatest need, taking into consideration the nature of the non-profit, its communication and phone system requirements, and where in Canada the organization is located.

This not a contest, however, and again, there are no hoops to jump through, no skill testing questions to answer. This is simply my meagre attempt at giving back to a community that has so richly blessed me and my company.

We have two Norstar systems and one BCM system available, and they all include the main phone system cabinet, voicemail, and phones. The systems were donated to Digitcom from the following organizations: Girl Guides of Canada, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, and Contact Niagara, and we would like to thank them wholeheartedly for allowing Digitcom to make the holiday season for three not-for-profit organizations that much more merry.

If your NPO requires the phone system to be installed, Digitcom will offer its installation services as well at a highly discounted rate.

So from all of us in the Digitcom family, Happy Holidays and all the best for 2014!

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