Evaluate your phone system in 4 questions

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When planning an office move or renovation, it’s a good time to assess a phone system. Ask yourself these key questions…

1. Is my system reliable?
Do you get nearly 100% uptime? Now is a good time to investigate if reliability can be improved, and system resilience increased.

2. Is my system reasonably up-to-date?
When was the last time you had your system’s software upgraded? Known issues are discovered all the time. Systems should generally be upgraded every couple of years just to stay reasonably current, stable and secure.

3. Does my system do everything the company needs it to do?
Are there ways of communicating – that you aren’t currently using – that would be useful for your company?

4. Is my system as efficient as it can be?
Is your office staff equipped to deal with system changes or could they use some training? You may find it more efficient to outsource occasional changes.

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