Four Reasons to Integrate your Phone System to Salesforce

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The reduction of customer call time should be an essential goal for any business because time is money. One technique for accomplishing this is to integrate the phone network with your Salesforce instance system. Consolidated systems reduce the time employees need to update their records, and tracking is easier. Our account managers at Digitcom can assist businesses with the integration of Salesforce. Combined networks can log all inbound or outbound customer activities including the call date/time and relate it back to the customer record.


IT Manager / Salesforce Administrator
Quick and Easy Installation – Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) to Salesforce is straightforward with the correct Avaya IP Office licenses and in-browser extensions. The installation can be accomplished with a simple upload of an XML file.
Heads of Departments
Reporting – Employee activity is more accurately tracked with logs. Better tracking can make teams more efficient by reducing excessive communication with customers. The number of call times and dates are always known.
Frontline Staff
Click to dial – This feature removes the need for an employee to dial the phone number. This convenience reduces effort and eliminates mistakes.
Log Activities – The tracking of a contact or lead becomes far more accessible, as each call ends, the user is prompted to log a comment.
Automatically update records – It is possible to change a value related to the activity when it is logged. For example, the status of a lead in Salesforce can be changed from “New” to “In Progress” once the first call is logged.
Timely information – Inbound calls are matched against the records in your database by their phone number, giving your employees immediate access to that customer’s records.
Salesforce Integration with Avaya IP Office.


One limitation of the integration is the reporting of call volumes. CTI technology doesn’t store the call volume data in Salesforce. The data remains in the telephone system, and it can be reported with support from contact center software solutions like Oak Evolve, Xima Chronicall or Telax.
Digitcom has 26 years experience working with Ontario’s business community, helping to solve all their telephony challenges. If you are interested in running the most reliable phone system, then contact us. We will help guide you through the planning, quoting, installation and continued support with 24/7 hour care and escalations for priority work. Call 1-866-667-8357 or email us at sales@


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