Cloud-Based Call Accounting for the Avaya IP Office

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Interested in keeping track of your company’s calls, both in and outbound, but don’t want to invest in an on-premise hardware and software solution?

Digitcom now offers cloud-based call accounting solutions, designed specifically for the Avaya IP Office. In fact, as far as we can tell, we’re the only company in Canada offering this service.

Call Accounting is a telephone management solution that gives you complete control over your telephone-related resources. It’s a great tool that allows you to monitor and keep records of telephone usage, determine heavy call traffic times for making staffing decisions, bill back clients for calls made on their behalf, be alerted to improper telephone use and much more. In a nutshell, it helps you manage your team’s communications more effectively.

When it comes to call accounting solutions there are essentially two types to choose from: cloud (web-based) and software-based (desktop application). While it is important to consider which solution would best meet your unique business needs, here are six clear advantages to utilizing cloud-based technology:

Simple – Adding cloud-based call accounting for your business is a simple process that requires no setup on your
part. You just sign up for the service and run the reports as you need them.

Inexpensive – Cloud-based call accounting eliminates both the need for a dedicated computer in your office and
the up-front cost of purchasing a software solution. PC maintenance-related costs are also eliminated; all you
pay is a monthly fee for your access to reports.

Accessible Unlike most premise-based solutions, cloud-based call accounting is accessible from any internet
browser regardless of where you are. There are no issues with corporate firewalls or permissions restrictions,
and access is possible from nearly any kind of hardware, whether it be your PC, smartphone / tablet or other web
browser-enabled device.

Flexible – Have multiple locations you’d like consolidated? Simply add the service for your other locations
and they are shown when you log into your system. Want reports emailed to you automatically? Simply choose the report and when you would like it sent.

Accurate – With updates automatically applied, you can be assured that your call accounting is always up-to-date
without requiring your involvement. Cloud-based call accounting also processes your calls in real-time, so your
reports reflect up-to-the-minute information; exactly the same as a premise-based solution.

Reliable – Cloud-based call accounting runs in datacenters on high end, dedicated servers specifically designed to be reliable 24/7.

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