Hosted PBX VS. Traditional Phone Systems

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Alexander Graham Bell would be hard pressed to identify the telephones of today. Gone are the days of switchboards and calls that have to be manually patched through by an operator. In fact, today’s business telephone service doesn’t require any kind of hardwiring at all. Unlike with a traditional business PBX system that requires installed hardware and physical telephone lines, hosted PBX systems operate exclusively through the internet and require no such hardware.Welcome to the future of business communication!

The Evolution of Communication

Business telephone systems have gone through a number of technological advancements since the invention of the telephone. Internet-based telephone service, or Hosted PBX telephone systems, is the latest incarnation.

Hosted PBX systems provide the same services as traditional PBX telephone service (and more), but hosted PBX offers additional benefits as well. Besides doing away with the need to install stationary hardware, hosted PBX systems differ from traditional PBX systems in a number of other positive ways.

Cost and Time Savings

Since there is no hardware to install the upfront cost savings of a hosted PBX system versus a traditional PBX system is substantial. With traditional PBX telephone systems, there is an expensive and time consuming installation process. The vendor must send technicians to the client’s business to install the necessary equipment, and that takes up unnecessary time and money, not to mention the fact that business is at a virtual standstill while the telephones are being installed.

Hosted PBX telephone service, however, requires no office visit and, because hosted PBX service is run exclusively through the internet there is no need to purchase specialized telephones either. Simply use the staff’s existing desk phones, their cell phones, or even their internet-connected desktops, laptops or compatible tablets. In addition, because there is no hardware, no one from the hosted PBX service provider will ever need to interrupt the business day to make repairs. All maintenance is done at the vendor’s location since that is where any necessary hardware is housed.

Added Mobility

Since hosted PBX systems allow employees to use their choice of telephones they don’t need to be tied down to the desk. Employees can work from home, while on the road or at the office. Anywhere the employees are and have access to a compatible device they can have their work telephone numbers forwarded to them. That way, they will always be available to make and receive calls from their business telephone number.

Unmatched Versatility and Expansion

Traditional PBX telephone systems are limited in terms of the number of telephone numbers and lines a business can subscribe to, and even when there is an option to add lines, it comes at a hefty price. Not so with hosted PBX services. When a business that subscribes to a hosted PBX telephone system adds employees or moves locations, the change is nearly as simple as placing a phone call to the hosted PBX provider.

Easy to Get New Numbers

Since all telephone calls are routed through the internet and businesses use their existing telephones and other compatible devices, a business owner who hires new employees simply contacts the hosted PBX provider to request additional telephone numbers. The business owner provides the employee a telephone and his or her new number, and they are up and running.

Additionally, for businesses that wish to expand their territory into different states, or even countries, a hosted PBX service provider can assign telephone numbers within the new region’s area codes. That way, the business can establish a local presence without the time and expensive associated with opening a new office. Traditional PBX telephone service providers can’t even come close to offering such a service. In order to establish telephone numbers in another region, a business that subscribes to a traditional PBX telephone service would first have to open an office and then have the telephone hardware installed. The convenience and cost savings associated with hosted PBX service is truly unmatched.

When it comes to deciding whether to choose a traditional PBX business telephone service or a hosted PBX telephone service, the choice is simple. Since it is an internet-based telephone service, hosted PBX offers unparalleled convenience, flexibility, ease of use, and significant cost savings over traditional PBX services.


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