How Avaya Powered By Achieved a Sum Greater Than Its Parts

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We’ve been discussing Avaya Powered By a lot recently.

It is a power house.

It doesn’t incrementally move the needle forward like so many new solutions these days.

What Avaya has done is look back at the best qualities of their past solutions and bring them together to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

Two experts go into detail about Equinox here:

Spaces, here:

And Avaya details the Avaya Vantage here, a key accessory to the solution:

Avaya’s time away from the spotlight reminds me of people I know from university who were baffled to land a job soon-ish out of university, based on their school credentials.

Of course, within university it all seems uniquely important, but as soon as you’re on to the next chapter-subject-year you immediately deride everything that came before, and wonder if it taught you anything.

By no means do you expect to go into, for example, an interview for a job at a bank armed only with BFA degree, specializing in pre-maimed Van Gogh art work, and walk out with a job.

With hindsight, however, one realises even the most niche classes teach you fundamentals absolutely key to success in a broad variety of roles: critical thinking, organisation, and so forth.

No doubt Avaya had a similar realisation, which brought about Avaya Powered By.

I say this because they decided to finally take a closer look at how they were doing something instead of just what they were doing.

That “how” turned out to be a method unique to Avaya that makes their Hosted PBX solution one of the strongest around.

Jeff Wiener discussed this at length a month ago in Digitcom’s article, “Avaya, the Transformation of a Telecom Giant and the Digitcom Mouse That Followed.

Now, the only big question Avaya has on its plate is whether or not it wants to nurture and grow Powered By or, as soon as they discover it, move on to the next big thing.

*Okay, I can’t in good conscience suggest if you want a job at a bank you should study pre-maimed Van Gogh. Everyone knows post is where it’s at.


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