How Avaya Revived Interest in the Phone Handset

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I went out for celebration with a friend last weekend.

She just became a certified teacher, and figured she deserved a drink.

(She does).

We’ve known each other for over 18 years.

This means we spent most of our night reminiscing about elementary and high school.

Eventually, classroom tools that now seem archaic began to dominate the conversation.

Please see the shortlist:

  • Transparency
  • Projector
  • Rickety TV stand with one bad wheel, complete with a sometimes broken RCA TV, and a decade-old Bill Nye the Science Guy VHS (not rewound)
  • Chalkboards (and their erasers, otherwise known was “Wanna cough? Just clap once!”)

Suffice it to say, we do not miss them.

That said, at the time, we believed the transition from chalkboards to Smartboards was a special Hell.

The time teachers used to gather their many tools was time students used to do a whole lot of nothing (a favourite pastime).

Another way you could describe that time: A waste.

Smartboards did away completely with having to gather various materials.

A real travesty.

I found myself thinking about all of this again when, at work a few days ago, I was reading up on the Avaya Vantage.

Essentially a phone handset combined with a tablet, the Avaya Vantage brings together a plethora of tools.

Most notably it puts the softphone on your phone.

Sound familiar? “Smartboard”, anyone? The same shift has happened. Avaya has made the upgrade.

The good news is, we’re no longer children, and this change brings exceptional benefit.

And it is just one part of the great tool collective that is Avaya Equinox.

Convenience and simplicity.

They play great roles in technological innovation that matters to the average user; innovation that is relevant.

People need to get things done.

They can’t be bogged down by the process of collection and forcing a kind of working-in-tandem across mediums that doesn’t come naturally.

Put all on one screen, everything is easier to manage; time, notes, profiles on clients – it’s all there.

Avaya’s official tagline for the Avaya Vantage phone is “Human Communications for any environment.”

Exactly right.


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