Make Your Remote Work in Summer Successful with Cool Tools

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It’s that time of year again.

What time of year?

It’s the time when you use all the tools in your arsenal to line up your friends’ schedules, your schedule, and your vacation days to try and make it up to the cottage and relax. You want to be remote. Off the grid.

Work wants you to have access to the office while you’re gone. It’s just where we are now.

But… communication is a problem. It always has been. Communication outside the office at the same level as communication inside the office will always be a thorn in the side of the worker. Faulty tools, outdated software, lack of remote support… What are you meant to do?

Remote Work in the Summer, and Cool Tools

This subject is fraught with worry. The idea of lugging everything from sleeping bags and food to your desktop, remote support, and other communication tools seems way, way too difficult to muster. I’ll force myself to climb up the mountain of e-mails when I get back to my office. It’ll take up the first half of my week back but that’s all right… it’s not like I have a job to do, right?

Let’s think about why this is such an issue.

You need access, and to be accessible. You need to be present, and not drop the ball at work. You need the latest software. Not only that, you need to have an in-depth enough understanding of that software – be it desktop software or otherwise.

The list goes on.

“I have to work my job, and work at working differently for my job?”

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Digitcom is here to take the load off.

We understand these necessities: Remote access, remote support, remote communication, matching the capabilities of your desktop with your phone or any other tools – all of it.

That’s why we’re putting on a WEBINAR, next Tuesday, July 16, at 2pm. You’ll learn about the cool tools made for successful remote desktop work and remote work of all types.

God knows I might even make my friends attend.

If you’re interested in our webinar series as a whole, we update the our webinar Youtube playlist every two weeks, just like the webinar series itself.

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Interested in our webinars? RSVP HERE to the latest DIGITCOM EVENT



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