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A business cannot operate in a vacuum.

There must be a give and take (or, a buy and sell).

The success of a business depends on providing a service product consumers want. In our case, it’s telecom solutions.

What we’ve been missing is a dialogue with YOU.

This week, our webinar host, Ejaye McComb, held a Q+A! It revolved around remote working on a budget, and how to save on phone lines. We were really happy with what came out of it, but we want to ramp up the dialogue even more! We’re a telecom company – we want to get comfortable with your voices!

We will continue to hold a Q+A every fourth webinar episode.

This is so that you can have your questions answered when one of our topic-based webinar episodes piques your interest!

We’re giving you the floor.

Free advice for how to optimize your work life.

One more opportunity to shape the company servicing you.

Look below for the video recording of yesterday’s Q+A!

Two weeks from now, we plan to set you up with the resources to troubleshoot some of your most common problems. Keep an eye out for it on our UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE! Find a link above or below this article.



Interested in our webinars? RSVP HERE to the latest DIGITCOM EVENTS



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