About Mobile Twinning



JW: Hi, I’m JW Wiener with Digitcom, and today I’m going to talk to you about the Avaya IP Office Mobile Twinning feature. Mobile Twinning is one of my favorite features available on IP Office. It’s been available for years, and it comes standard included with Essential Edition, Preferred, Server and Select. Now, here’s how Mobile Twinning works. So, what happens is, if you call my desk extension – so in this example, I’m going to use this as my desk extension – if you call my desk extension, it will ring my cell at the same time.

If I answer my cell, my desk stops ringing. If I answer my desk, my cell stops ringing. If I answer my cell, I can walk back to my desk, press a button, pick up the phone and still be on the same call. Or I can answer on my cell, hit star-star and transfer the call to another extension. So, imagine you’re on the road or even you’re in the building but you’re not close to your desk – so you’ve walked away from your desk – grab your cellphone… You can still catch calls, you don’t need to buy a separate portable phone for the office. So, let’s do a demonstration.

I’m going to call into our company, you may not be able to see this phone but you’ll hear it from the background.

Automated voice message: Thank you for calling Digitcom.

JW: I dial extension 201, which is my extension, and my desk extension rings. When that rings, my cellphone rings at the same time. Now, if I answer my desk phone, I’m now talking to the other extension, I can walk back to my desk, press my Twinning button, and I’m still on the same call. So, I’ve toggled now between my cell and my desk, and I can go back from my desk to my cell by hitting my Twinning button one more time. So, you got to leave the office, you’re going to be getting onto the road, you want to take the call from your cellphone, this is exactly what you do. And I’ve now just toggled back to my cellphone.

So, I’ve just successfully taken the call and gone from desk to cell, and from cell back to desk. Now, one more thing I want to show you, is I can actually answer this on my cellphone, hit star-star from my cellphone, and transfer to another extension in the office. So, let’s do that. Again, call into Digitcom.

Automated voice message: Thank you for calling Digitcom.

JW: Dial 201. Desk extension rings. I’m going to answer on my cellphone. Speaking to the customer and I say to the customer, “Hold on one minute.” That customer has now been put on hold. I’m going to dial 346. I’ve now transferred the call to another extension, hang up, and now this new extension is talking to the other phone. So, I’ve effectively now transferred the call from my cellphone to another user inside the office. That is Mobile Twinning on the Avaya IP Office. It doesn’t need any applications. Believe it or not, there’s not even any licensing involved. There used to be, at one time, a license that you had to get from the IP Office, there no longer is. It’s an amazing feature. I use it constantly.

Again, my name is JW. I’m with Digitcom, and thanks for watching.