Mobile Twinning on Avaya IP

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Mobile Twinning on Avaya IP

Mobile Twinning is a newer feature that is becoming very popular with many business telephone system users. Mobile Twinning is a feature that is available on Avaya IP Office through a license called Mobile Worker. This feature first requires that the phone system has either SIP Trunks or a PRI Circuit installed. A twinned call will use 2 channels of SIP Trunks or off of the PRI in order to work.

PRI Circuit When using Mobile Twinning, if an inbound call rings to your extension, it will also ring an external number, typically a cell phone number. You may answer the call from either device. If the call is answered on your cell phone, you may have the ability to access other system features, depending on which type of Avaya IPO Phone System you have. One main feature is that you have the ability to transfer the call back to the phone system to another extension if needed.

Mobile twinning is available on Avaya IP Office Partner Version, Avaya IP Office Essential Edition, Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition, and Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition.

Follow up:

It is best to activate Mobile Twinning by programming a DSS or Avaya IP Office call appearance button on your phone, so it will be simple to turn the feature on and off at your phone.

You may activate Mobile Twinning from your desk phone by simply pressing the DSS key that is assigned to twinning, entering the telephone number that you would like to twin to your extension to, and then press done. You may also activate or disable Mobile Twinning remotely if you have Avaya IP Office Preferred or Advanced Edition.

When a call has been twinned to your cell phone and you reach your office, you may switch the call over to your extension by pressing the Twinning DSS Key.