6 Important Office Move Considerations, A Quick Checklist

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Transitioning to a new office space can be an exciting time for a business, particularly as you imagine the new potential for growth and expansion that a new location could provide. But before those dreams of a prosperous future for your business become a reality, you’re stuck with the million things you need to think about when moving your business.

Strange as it may seem in this day and age though, among the things that business owners tend to put off the longest are considerations related to telecommunications. That is, making sure your company’s communication and technological needs are in place before your team arrives at the new location ready to get things started.

In an effort to make the transition easier, it pays to consider your tech and telecom needs as early in the transition process as possible, making sure to ask the right questions of potential landlords and make the appropriate arrangements with your business phone systems provider in order to make things as seamless as possible. Here’s a checklist of things you’ll want to consider:

Plan Early
Granted this isn’t a consideration in itself, but let me start off by saying that it pays to plan early for any telecom move. The unfortunate reality is that many leave tech and telecom considerations until the last minute, forcing them to pay higher fees for expedited services as they scramble to avoid business disruption. Start planning to move your telecom services at least three (3) months beforehand and you’ll have no problem getting all your phone-system ducks in a row.

The Quality of the Internet Service
What is the Internet like at the new location? This is a very important consideration, especially if you have high speed Internet service at your current location. Don’t assume that every location has the same or better internet connection than what you have currently. If the speed of the Internet is critical to your business, then make sure you check the speeds before you sign any rental agreement.

It is important to consider your company’s cabling needs before transitioning to a new office space as well. It’s crucial that the new space have sufficient cabling to efficiently and effectively meet your company’s communication needs. While it can be difficult to determine this, once you’ve settled on a potential location bring in your business phone system provider for a site survey, with the understanding that it’s best to solve any potential cabling issues as early as possible, at least two (2) months before the actual move.

Porting Your Number
Once you’ve determined that the tech and telecom infrastructure of your new location is satisfactory for your company’s needs, another important consideration is whether or not you can move your current phone number. Truth be told, depending on where you’re moving, you may not be able to easily move your number along with you. Check with your phone system provider to find out.

Telephone System
After you’ve found a suitable location and have considered your initial telecommunications needs, the big question that arises is whether it’s worth your while to move your existing phone system. Particularly for older systems, it’s most often not worth the time, effort, and expense to bring it with you, meaning an office move might be the perfect time to consider upgrading your phone system as well.

Take a look at what new features and functions that today’s telecommunication solutions can offer, and apart from a new office space, you might find exactly what your business needs to facilitate future growth.

Along with considerations related to moving your business phone system, a pending move is a great time to assess your network needs as well, to see if upgrading your equipment makes more sense than moving your existing infrastructure.

While again there are a million things to consider when looking to transition your business to a new location, don’t forget the critical importance of establishing and maintaining the telecommunications infrastructure to meet your changing business needs, not only for today, but to help make your dream of future growth and success a reality.

With that, consider this checklist as a great starting point, and remember, the team here at Digitcom is always ready to help. Give us a call!


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