Our Best Tips for Working Remotely

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Remote work is becoming more popular than ever. For example, I was working remotely when I wrote this article. I was in pyjamas.

Presumably you, reading this, are not. Ha!

But, it’s not all fun in pyjamas – it’s also fun drinking coffee, and no commute, too. Okay, my bar for “fun” may be pretty warped.


You may not have the opportunity yet, but it’s coming. That’s why Digitcom gave a webinar last week on the best way(s) to work remotely. The host? He hosted (worked) remotely! Double ha!

Relevant Tips from Our Remote Work Webinar

Below is a summary of tips from the hour long remote work webinar, 2/13/2019.

Want to learn if you should work remotely? First, consider these five points:

  1. 1. Job can be done without physical presence (okay, that one is obvious).
  2. 2. Job relies on individual work patterns as opposed to ever-changing, ongoing collaboration.
  3. 3. High level of autonomy in job, and you are already a trusted member of the team.
  4. 4. Be able to separate professional from personal time.

Do you possess the following qualities?

    1. 1. Task-driven
    2. 2. High degree of natural motivation
    3. 3. Independent thinker
    4. 4. Willingness to ask for help
    5. 5. Excellent communicator



    What about in broad terms? Bare minimum, what does it take to successfully work remotely?

    • – Coffee
    • – A Spotify account
    • – A home you like

    (Just kidding. Not really).

    • – The right space
    • – The right habits
    • – The right tools

    If you’re interested in getting more detail, and seeing the webinar as a whole, head here, and watch the video!


    Interested in MORE EVENTS? Who isn’t? Click here to check out all of Digitcom’s upcoming events.



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