Properly removing a user from Avaya IP Office


When someone leaves the company, it’s important to clean up after them and remove unused extensions.


Step by Step Guide

When someone leave the company, you may be tasked to delete us a user, to do this, first open IP office by click on start ->All Programs -> IP Office -> Manager. When manager open, it’ll display a list of all available IP Offices on the network, choose the IP Office that you want to make a change to, the login username is “Administrator” and the password is “Administrator”. Once you are in the configuration, follow the steps below:


1. Click on “Users”.

2. Choose the User you wish to delete.

3. Right click on the user and click “Delete”.

4. Click the Save Icon, in the pop up save configuration box, select “Merge”. Fill in “Service User Name” box and “Service User Password” box as “Administrator”. Click on “Ok”.