Queen’s Entrepreneur Competition, Jeff Wiener as Judge and Speaker

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I had the fortunate occasion to be a judge and speak at the opening night of the Queen’s Entrepreneur’s Competition on January 22nd. The final week-end of the competition is comprised of the best 15 business plans out of a total of approximately 90 received from business students around the world. Our group of judges reviewed 5 of the business plans from students in universities including Queen’s, Waterloo, Carelton and Cornell, and moved 2 of the 5 through to the final round which was won by a business plan from students from Harvard.

Watching these students present brought back fond memories of my university days, but, more importantly, seeing the passion, commitment, ideas, and hard work put forth by the students made me that much more optimistic about our next generation of business leaders. My overall message to the group was that it takes hard work, and a never give up attitude to build a business, that you will definitely make mistakes along the way, and it will be two steps forward and one step back, but, with perseverance you will succeed. I know the students received tremendous benefit from the wisdom offered by the judges, but, I took away equally as much watching the students, and business leaders of tomorrow.


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