Revisited: A Look Back At Our Predictions for Telecom Trends in 2018

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Back in early January, Digitcom predicted 3 major ways business phone systems will change the game in 2018. We thought we’d check in just after the halfway mark to see how things are shaping up.

Here are the three predictions we made Jan 3, 2017:

  1. Moving to the Cloud

  2. Growing Mobility Options

  3. Engaging the End User

Lucky for us, the first prediction is easy to discuss. Within the last five articles we’ve talked about the growing ubiquity of Cloud, meaning all signs point to a correct prediction. There has been a massive move towards Cloud (otherwise known as “hosted”) technology. In fact, a report we cited two articles ago stated its experts believe Cloud would be (or is) at the centre of the next era of telecom technology.

How about Growing Mobility Options? We predicted, in addition to a general move towards greater convenience, clients would eventually be using a solution that carried all the features in one place. Sure enough, a couple months ago, Avaya, to give an example, released its own version of this via its IP Office update. Digitcom itself put out a hosted solution (which combines cloud with all-in-one feature convenience) recently that achieves the same thing.

Lastly: Engaging the End User. Within this section, our predictions focused on aspects of contact centre customer service that people thought would die off and instead become mainstays – clear indicators of modern customer service quality. Over the last 7 months, news has only further emboldened us to focus on these aspects. For the record, they include: E-mail, Text Messaging (SMS), and Web-based Audio and Video Chat.

That’s it, just a glimpse at how our predictions are doing. We’ll return in December or early 2019 to really see how everything panned out.

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