See your Voice Mail Differently. Speech to Text now Available for Avaya IP Office, Hosted PBX, and NEC customers

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Digitcom is now offering speech to text on a per subscriber basis for all Avaya IP Office and hosted PBX customers.  When a voice mail message arrives in your mailbox the message will be transcribed by Digitcom’s servers and sent back to you in an email with the speech transcribed as text within 3 to 4 minutes of receiving the message.  Using speech to text has allowed our sales reps to view urgent messages more discretely in noisy places and in meetings ensuring voice messages never sit in voicemail.  The transcription service is available as an optional add-on a per user per subscriber basis for as little as $5 / month, and now allows users to read and manage their voice mail as quickly and easily as email. The system will transcribe messages of as long as 3 minutes.

Best of all, no expensive phone system upgrades are required.  The service works across all the platforms that Digitcom sells including Avaya IP Office, NEC SV8100, SV9100, SL1100, and hosted PBX.  Pricing is as follows:

Speech to Text, 1 to 9 users = $6 / user / month
Speech to Text, 10 + users = $5 / user / month
** Minimum 3 users / company required, with a one time set-up fee of $50


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