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Things have changed rapidly over the last few months at Digitcom (a new Vancouver office, for example); all are good things, but it’s a lot.

For that reason, it makes sense to take stock of what we as a company have incorporated and shed a little more light on it than perhaps is usual.

Clients and customers are well aware we offer hosted services, on-premise services, and our own hybrid, but they may, for example, have missed that we’re now in the security game.

The best way to keep one’s head above the rapidly shifting water of additional information as a customer is to summarize said information given to you

Therefore, the best thing we, as the company putting out that information, can do is beat you to the punch and summarize it for you.

So: below is a rundown of two major additions.

Contact Centres

In Digitcom’s “Answering Your Call”, contact centres arise again and again until they get their own chapter. Their practical applications continue to grow because of how much more efficient they can make an administrative team, for example, and for how much they create a previously unseen level of convenience and organisation for a sales team.

Digitcom entered the game a little while back knowing convenience and efficiency is a tough formula to beat.

One could argue those two elements drive the majority of technological innovation. What’s most important to a consumer? Personally, I’d be sold on convenience. How about to a business? Efficiency, and rightly so. It’s a match made in some sort of innovator’s heaven.


Ah, security, the news just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

I wrote about this at length, both with regard to Canada as a whole, and the Canadian government dragging its feet (not just Trudeau’s, pick any in the last twenty years). We’re in a situation you might called “dire”, if it weren’t such a scary thing to admit out loud.

There are plenty of ways businesses and individuals leave themselves open to attack.

Digitcom understands this, which is why it made sense to really invest in the security game.

As of late 2018, Digitcom offers complete protection services: cutting edge technology, turnkey design, installation and configuration services, advanced security analytics and correlation, live agent support, remediation, and real time reporting and recommendations.

For more specific information, head to our website, drop us a line, or pick up a copy of “Answering Your Call: How to Buy a Phone System for Your Business”


Interested in learning about more about what events Digitcom’s got going out? Check out our page!



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