Our Support Commitment

We’re Committed To Ensuring A Positive Customer Experience At Every Touchpoint

Customer Service & Support

Company Values

At Digitcom we are committed to ensuring a positive customer experience at every touch point. Below are some of the ways we provide ongoing service and support for each and every customer:

  • Over 45 highly-trained and talented staff, all of whom stand dedicated to providing you with the best service and support from the initial purchase of your phone system to installation, training, ongoing service, maintenance and support.
  • Our team of over 17 certified field technicians and in-house technical support groups who work closely together to resolve customer technical issues efficiently, eliminate unnecessary site visits and reduce wait times.
  • We provide on-site system training for your entire staff and conduct monthly training seminars out of our head office.
  • A 24-hour hotline with a 2-hour turnaround time for any major emergency and a highly efficient online ticketing support system. For after hour emergency support call our main line, 416-783-7890 and dial 9, please don’t open emergency support tickets through our web site.

On-Site System


Before your new voice system goes “live” your Digitcom Customer Service Representative will be available on-site to provide system training for all company staff. It is during this time that training sessions (45-minutes to one hour in length) between your Digitcom Rep and groups of six to eight employees will be conducted.

To increase both employee familiarization and comfort with the new system, your Digitcom Rep will also distribute comprehensive training guides and customized memos/flowcharts during these sessions.

Our dedicated staff will be with you and your company every step of the way, and if our training happens to leave a question unanswered, we’re just a phone call away. We look forward to working closely with you.

Service Contracts

With the purchase of any phone system, Digitcom is committed not only to helping your company transition onto the new system, but providing ongoing service and support as well. In addition to the one year of service and support that Digitcom includes with all its systems, we offer affordable Service Contracts for anyone in need of ongoing support. The cost for this additional service is approximately 10% (often times less) of your system’s original purchase price.

Customers covered by Digitcom’s maintenance agreement can expect to receive the below noted service guarantee. Maintenance Agreement customers will receive the following:

  • Advance replacement of all hardware
  • 24 X 7 X 365 support for all Severity 1 issues (non billable)
  • Attendance to Digitcom’s training at no charge, classes conducted monthly
    Note: All Service commitments are BEST EFFORT.

Digitcom Response Time

The below severity code table provides target times for problem resolution.



Complete service interruption

Severity Description

Phone system outage, severe business impact



Phone system is completely down, calls to main go unanswered

Target Time to Address

2 hours

Target Time to Address

4 hours



Service degradation

Severity Description

Customer still has service but infrastructure is degraded and the situation could lead to a service interruption if not attended to in a timely manner.



50% or more of the phones are down, reception phone is down, voice mail is down, advanced applications not functioning

Target Time to Address

6 hours

Target Time to Address

10 hours



Information Request or Minor Service

Severity Description

Customer still has service. Call relates to a development, enhancement or non-critical request



Situations which may need to be addressed but which do not impact the functionality of the phone system, data network, or minor thresholds. MAC (moves, adds, changes) would fall into this classification.

Target Time to Address

24 hours

Target Time to Address

48 hours

Customer Escalation Procedures

The table below describes the customer service response path followed by Digitcom in order to efficiently address each issue and resolve problems as quickly as possible.


Technical Support 416 783 7890 press 2


Beata Chrusciel
416 783 7890 ext 208
Customer Service Manager bc@
Yassine Pani 416 783 7890 ext 269
Technical Support Team Lead yassine@


Dino Moniz
416 783 7890 ext 209
Director of Technical Services dino@


Boris Koechlin 416 783 7890 ext 203
Gary JoffeChef's Delight

When calling in, the phone is always answered promptly. Service is literally immediate. I have recently been saved on two separate occasions with their amazing service and support. Highly recommend this company.

Tracey L. Nattrass, CISSPCanadian Investor Protection Fund

I appreciated that Adam took the time at the end of the upgrade to make sure that I could access the remote PC and that the switchboard and Officers telephone were working correctly.

Kumudhini ThavarajRegistered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Thank you so much you are the best!!👍
And Tony I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I'm grateful to you, who has made my work smooth over the years, and in this spirit I want to say, simply but sincerely a big thank you!!

Larry WeltmanAccess Easy Funds

An amazingly efficient & knowledgeable company. We moved offices and our Telco Provider could not transfer our number and recommended we work with a third party provider. We started with another outfit who after two weeks not getting the job done led us to Digitcom who expedited this matter and in two business days we were up and running. Throughout the process they kept us to date!

Matthieu YiptongConseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir

Digitcom has been a great partner for the past 10 years with our Avaya IP Office systems. They have always been helpful in resolving issues, provide timely follow-up, and friendly service.

Jamie MassonFreshco Retail Maintenance

The last technicians you had on-site for us was amazing and definitely provided better explanations and service!