Telco Tip: How to Make Any Incoming Call a Local Call

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Today’s telecommunications technology has changed the face of the modern business, as remote communication technology and advanced call forwarding solutions have freed today’s workers from the shackles of the office desk, allowing businesses to monitor and control the flow of incoming communications, regardless of where in the world customers are phoning from.

As this technology allows companies to efficiently and seamlessly expand across the globe, however, the one initial drawback is that most companies who operate this way only have a virtual presence in other countries, meaning that potential customers and clients may have to incur onerous long distance charges to reach your business that could be located on the other side of the world.

But fortunately advanced SIP trunking solutions have the answer, as in addition to all of the other benefits of SIP trunking that I’ve written about before, the technology allows users to create virtual numbers in any country they operate in, automatically porting the calls to your call centre or head office as if they were local calls!

Simply put, advanced communication solutions have brought the world closer than ever before; meaning people on the other side of the globe can now call your office as if they were calling from right down the street.

One of the greatest benefits for businesses from having the ability to forward calls to a predetermined location is the reduced cost of establishing and maintaining satellite offices. For instance, Digitcom operates all across Canada, but it would be burdensome to have customer service agents, sales staff, and all the communication support infrastructure necessary to operate located in every major city in the country. Instead, Digitcom is able to employ SIP trunking solutions to forward calls from anywhere in Canada to our head office in Toronto, allowing us to operate one central base of operations; instead of multiple satellites everywhere we have a market presence.

But one of the potential drawbacks of this is that customers in Vancouver or Calgary, for instance, may not want to deal with a company located on the other side of the country, a problem faced by any company operating in distant markets around the globe. To resolve this issue, SIP trunking allows users to establish a virtual local number, one that customers can phone without incurring long distance charges, yet one that still forwards those calls to your call centre, wherever it might be located.

Again for Digitcom this allows us to field all customer calls at one location while still maintaining a strong service and support presence in all markets that we operate in, reducing our operational costs dramatically without customers being deterred by the notion that they’re dealing with an out-of-town business.

In the end, SIP Trunking is an essential communication solution for any business, particularly those looking to affordably expand into other markets. Not only does it allow for unprecedented freedom from the traditional office desk set phone, but it allows businesses to establish a local presence in any market anywhere in the world, without incurring the cost of setting up a completely autonomous satellite location. Our customers not only save thousands on phone services, but are generating more business from around the globe as it’s never been easier—or cheaper—for customers to reach out and connect with your company.

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