The Importance of Mobility Culture in the Workplace

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In the Forbes article “Why Mobility Is A Culture and Not A Product,” author Daniel Newman advises that mobility has evolved past phones and tablets and now has become a way of life.

Mobile usage has seen an increase of 600 percent from 2010 to 2015. Mobile phones have become a necessity for millennials, pointing out that nearly 90 percent of millennials always have their phones with them and business emails are now handled on mobile phones nearly 70 percent of the time. With this, Newman makes four points on how businesses who have embraced the advancements of mobility are ahead of the pack and how they’re reaping undeniable benefits.

Forward Thinking
Newman first brings attention to the forward-thinking of businesses. By making innovation a priority for their plans as a company, businesses can stay ahead of competitors by being proactive and asking questions on how they are able to evolve for their customers. Newman noted that a recent survey found that companies spend 70 to 80 percent of their IT budget to just to keep systems afloat.

Extremely Entrepreneurial
When the business chooses to make advancements internally, they will see an improvement in satisfaction from customers, the bottom line and efficiency in the workplace. This in return shows that they are entrepreneurial and are capable of making the next transformation. Apps like Uber and Snapchat are ultimately seeing a return of profit through this mindset. It is not just about making a mobile app, but how that mobile app will become a game changer.

Big Picture
Newman goes on to state that mobile apps just scratch the surface of the big picture of mobility. Businesses should understand that a customer’s experience with shopping or communicating with their products should be seamless. The strategy should be to achieve something that can change everything throughout the company, and incorporating everything mobile from VR to augmented reality.

Prioritizing Employees
Newman ends with his last point that employees are a top priority for their employers. The traditional way of working has come and went, and allowing flexibility into the workplace is beneficial on both ends. Employees’ work files being accessible at any time will guarantee an influx in productivity and allow their employees to work from home, on vacation or over a cup of coffee. Newman states that employees are now demanding this kind of environment of flexibility and companies should be ready to deliver.

He concludes with a final note of how businesses should recognize how this move of mobile culture will change the atmosphere of the workplace, important decisions for the business and carry a successful digital strategy.

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