Top Five Phone Features Used by Clinics

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Time is one thing we all have, and can least afford to waste. According to the Canadian Medical Association, the average physician today is working 48 hours a week, and spending at least 6 hours a week answering patient messages. While the staff can handle appointment scheduling and billing issues, they can’t handle prescription refills and test results. Unsatisfied patients will only compound the problem by repeatedly calling until they are content with the issue. The pressure on doctors is only expected to rise as the population to family doctors ratio rose by 18% from 2010 to 2015.

Instead of working harder, work smarter. Digitcom has been automating telephone exchanges for 25 years. With Digitcom you can monitor and responds to all your voicemails, faxes, and emails from any device on the go. You also receive many extra features to ease the management of your practice.

Automated Assistant retrieves and communicates any pertinent information to your customers 24 hours a day, accompanied by music while they wait on hold. Information can include documents needed for the next appointment, overdue vaccine shots, and instructions for refilling prescriptions. This adds to customer satisfaction without adding to your costs.

Advanced Voicemail updates your customers with personalized messages. Communications can include the average wait time, call length, the number of patients waiting, and even the number of staff available to respond. You can even direct customers to self-service applications when your staff can’t speak in person. Patients can request a call allowing you to respond at your convenience. You can also respond to the messages in the order they were received.

Special Numbers allows you to bypass the wait queue and connect your staff to physicians, nurses, and venders without the added drain on time and staff. You can add phone numbers without the added expense of wiring the extra phone lines.

Reception will have added time to better serve your customers. Your staff will no longer need to scribe messages to physicians and nurses. Instead they can filter calls and send relevant calls to voicemail. Once the message is in voicemail, you will be notified by our messaging application.

Unified Messaging consolidates all of your phone calls into one system. Your staff can be instantly alerted to a new message by telephone or mobile text. You can choose how you’d like to be notified and prioritize your messages. Messages can also be filtered.

Founded in 1991, Digitcom is the Canadian leader in voice and data communications. Our services include the complete end-to-end consolidation of telecom services. Expertise includes call centers, hosted PBX, phone systems, phone lines (PRI, SIP), cabling, networks, switches and routing, and of course full architecture design. We have over 2,500 satisfied customers and award winning customer service. Our awards have included,

  • Avaya Platinum Partner
  • 7 Times winner of Consumer Choice Award
  • Winner of CDN Channel Elite Awards
  • Winner of CDN Top 100 Solutions Provider List
  • Over 25 years of service excellence

If you have more questions about how Digitcom can help your healthcare practice, send us an email or call at 1-866-667-8357 today!


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