Avaya IP Office - Changing an auto attendant greeting in Voicemail Pro client

Description: Learn how to launch, record an Auto Attendant greeting, and save your changes in Voicemail Pro client.


Step by Step Guide

To create a new recording in Voicemail Pro, click on Start->All programs->IP Office->Voicemail Pro client


1. When Voicemail Pro opens, ensure the IP address shows at the login screen bottom section is the voicemail system’s IP address, enter “Administrator” as username and password, click “Login”

2. If the confirm callflow Download dialog box pop up, click “Download”.

3. After the callflow is all downloaded, click on the module you would like to edit in the modules area.

4. On the right hand side panel, select the menu object, open a menu object you would like to edit

5. In the menu object properties dialog box, click on Entry Prompts

6. You can re-record an existing recording, or add a new file and switch to it. Click on the green plus icon to add a new file

7. Type in a new file name

8. Specify an extension nearby in the “Extension” box

9. Click on the record button, the system will call the phone with the extension you entered in the previous step, you can pick up the phone and record you message.

10. After recording, click the “Play” button to hear the recording

11. If you are satisfied with the new recording, you can replace the recording by deleting the previous recording file. Select the previous recording, and click on the “delete” button.

12. Click on “Ok” to close the dialog box.

13. In the upper-left corner, click on the “Save and make live” button, click on “Yes” when you ask to confirm if you want to make those changes.

14. You’ve now replaced you current recording with the new one, and you should have a new greeting message. You have re-recorded your auto attendant.