Avaya IP Office - Changing Auto Attendant (touch tone) options in Voicemail Pro client

Description: This video explains how to add/modify the digits pressed in an Auto Attendant menu, and where they go to. Covers basic touch tones and transfer object.


Step by Step Guide

This video covers how to change touch tones within a menu. Touch tones are the abilities for the phone system to hear different keys and make sense out of them. In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to alter a new conference bridge that we created, so that when people call in and they have difficulties, they can press “0”, and they’ll be transferred to extension “201”.


To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Click on Start->All programs->IP Office->Voicemail Pro client

2. When Voicemail Pro opens, ensure the IP address shows at the login screen bottom is the voicemail system’s IP address, enter “Administrator” as username and password, click “Login”

3. If the confirm Callflow Download dialog box pop up, click “Download”.

4. On the left side modules area, locate the module you would like to change, click on it.

5. On the right side panel, you may see existing menu options in the system, click on the one you would like to edit.

6. Click on the “Touch tones” tab

7. You can add custom touch tone or select the touch tone option Avaya system gives us. Use the plus sign icon on top to add a custom touch tone.

8. To allow the menu to perform a transfer, click on the blue telephone icon on the top menu, select “Transfer” from the dropdown menu

9. Click in the Module edit area in the left side panel to place the transfer action.

10. Double click on the transfer action, put in a descriptive name in the “Token Name” input box

11. Click on the “Specific” tab, enter the extension you would like to transfer to in the “Destination” input box. Click “Ok”.

12. Click on the line object icon on the top menu to activate “Connector” function, click on the menu option first and connect it to the “transfer” action icon you just created. Now you’ve linked the menu option button to the action (transfer to an extension).

13. Deselect the line connector by click on the line object icon in the top menu again.

14. Click “Save and make live” button, click “Yes” when asked to confirm the changes.