Avaya IP Office - How to record huntgroup hold messages in voicemail pro client

Description: In this video we look at how to record hold messages for huntgroups with queuing. We look specifically at creating basic objects in the queued and still queued events.


Step by Step Guide

A hunt group greeting is the greeting message that is played when a group is queued or still queued.

To record a greeting for hunt group:

1. Click on Start->All programs->IP Office->Voicemail Pro client

2. When voicemail pro opens, ensure the IP address shows at the login screen bottom is the voicemail system’s IP address, enter “Administrator” as username and password, click “Login”

3. If the confirm Callflow Download dialog box pop up, click “Download”.

4. After the database is downloaded

5. Go to the top left panel, and open up the system name

6. You’ll see “Users”, “Short codes”, “Predictive Calls”, and “Groups”. Click on “Groups”.

7. Open up the group, right click on “Groups” and click “Add”

8. In the dialog box that appears, click on the name dropdown, and select the name of the group that you would like to change.

9. Select the entry points that you would like to keep, in our case, “Queues and Still Queued”. Click “Ok”. You should see the selected entry points under the hunt group

10. Next we need to add a menu object or generic object in place for doing recording.

11. Click on the basic actions icon and select “Menu” from the dropdown list to add a new menu object

12. Double click on the menu object, select “Entry prompts” tab

13. Click on the green plus arrow to add, and type in a new recording filename.

14. Assign an extension that is next to you, click record button

15. The voicemail system will call you at the extension, pick up the phone and record you message.

16. Click stop button to conclude the recording. Click the play button to review the recording

17. If you are happy with the recording, click “Close”, then click “Ok”.

18. To give the menu an descriptive title, double click on the menu

19. In the token name input box, enter a proper label name, you can also add a description in the box below, click “Ok” to confirm

20. Click on the line icon in the top menu to activate the connector tool, draw a line between “Next” and the new menu message you just created.

21. De-select the connector tool by click on the line icon again

22. The “Still Queued” message is the second message that is place, it’s also the only message can repeat over and over again.

23. Repeat step 11-21 from above to create a new recording message for “Still Queued”

24. You can add a touch tones option to allow people to press a button to leave a message. To do so, click on the “Touch Tones” panel

25. Select the button that you would like to assign the touch tone function

26. Set a “time out” value to specify amount of time the system will wait for the client to take action

You’ve now added the “Queued” and “Still Queued” events to a specific hunt group. Click “Save and Make live”, and click “yes” when ask to confirm the changes. Once the database has been sent back up to the voicemail server, you can close the voicemail pro client.