Change name on your mailbox in Nortel Norstar system


This video covers how to use your Nortel phone to change the display name of your mailbox or any mailbox if you are the administrator

Step by Step Guide

This video covers how to change your name on your Nortel phone.

1. Press “FEATURE” -> Enter 983, this is the administration log in.

2. Enter your password, in our case, the password is 1020000, press “#” after the password is entered.

3. First select “Mailbox”, then select the “Change” option.

4. Enter the mailbox number you would like to make change on.

5. Keep pressing “NEXT” until you see the name of the mailbox displayed on the screen.

6. Select the “Change” option

7. With a dial pad, enter the new name for the mailbox. For example, for name “JIM”, press 5 once for “J”, press number 4 three times for “I”, and press number 6 for “M”.

8. To enter a comma between the names, press “#” twice

9.  After entering the name, press “OK”, then press the “release” button.

If you need help Changing name on your mailbox in Nortel Norstar system, fill the form above.