How to access call logs on a Hosted PBX system


The video shows how to access the call logs on your phone from the hosted PBX system.


Step by Step Guide

To access call logs on a Hosted PBX system:


1. On the Polycom phones, you’ll notice that there’s a circular pad here that allows you to select items on the screen.

2. If you are in an idle mode, as in you have the normal screen showing up here on the front of the phone, these four buttons will also do call logging, which will allow you to look at your received calls, your missed calls and your placed calls. It’ll also give you access to your favorite directory. So, items in your personal directory that you’ve added as a favorite. This can act like a speed dial.

3. Press one of the four corresponding keys. By pushing right on this pad here, you’ll have a list of all the placed calls. These are all the calls that you have made from this phone, and you can scroll down the list to see all the calls that you have made.

4. If you were to push down, you will get a list of all the missed calls. So, calls that have come into your phone but you did not answer.

5. If you push left, you’ll get a list of all the received calls, so all calls that have come in and that you have answered.

6. In your missed and received calls list, you can scroll through the list and add them to directory or to even call them, if you wish, from that list.

7. Finally, by pushing up, you’ll get what is called our Favorite Index. This is what has been marked as favorite in your personal directory on the phone. So, this will allow you to quickly access your favorites from your personal directory.

I hope that explains what you were looking for. Thank you and have a nice day.