How to Change Time on an Avaya IP Office System

Description: The video demonstratesHow to Change Time on an Avaya IP Office System


Step by Step Guide

How to Change Time on an Avaya IP Office System
The IP Office can be configured to use the time from a couple of different sources. It can use time from your Voicemail or Manager PC, or it can be configured to sync the time from an SNTP server. To set up or change the time setting:

1. Connect to your IP Office system using the Manager software and select the System option on the left side.

2. Select the System tab.

3. Scroll down to the drop down menu called Time Setting Configuration Source and select the appropriate option.


To use the Manager PC or Voicemail Pro server as the time source:

  • Select Manager/Voicemail Pro from the drop down box.
  • Enter a valid IP address for the computer and any time offset that may be necessary.
  • Note that if the default entry of is used, the IP Office will attempt to get the time from the Voicemail server IP address that is set on the System Voicemail tab.


To use an SNTP server:


  • Select the SNTP option from the drop down menu.
  • Enter a valid server address.
  • Select the appropriate time zone and any daylight savings time information that may be applicable.